• Bronze bushing install method
    Bronze bushing install method
    There have two methods recommended to install the bearings, press fit and shrink fit by cooling.The advantage of shrink fit is easy to operate and very precise,should be used prioritily.The method of
  • Professional finished product manufacturing equipment
    Professional finished product manufacturing equipment
    Professional CNC equipment for customized items,Ramshin own over 9 sets high precision 4 axles CNC center,and 12 CNC grinding 22 CNC turning machine
  • Foundry equipment
    Foundry equipment
    Ramshin with casting bronze material ability,Below is our equipment of material casting, full dimension service,Method as bronze bar, bronze tube, bronze plate
  • Quality control
    Quality control
    1:Each batch of products uses mechanical analysis instruments to measure hardness and strength of copper materials2:Copper Material Spectral Analysis Instrument: Ensure that each batch is made
  • Roduction process control
    Roduction process control
    1: Dimension tolerance full inspection follow the drawing.2:Cmm measure special items to ensure every dimension is correct!3:Color coating on the wear plate to ensure the flatness and mating surface